Wednesday, June 15, 2011

behind the look #3

as usual, i "report" about the look that i posted on and here is my latest look. it was unprepared, so its a little rough and raw. if you guys have some critics, dont hesitate to comment. really, it would be really great for me. cz i am still learning in this whole matter :)

as of today, i didnt plan to take any look at all. i was just meeting a friend and turned out he brought a camera. so photos just taken without we even realizing it. i wont talk much, take a look :)

haha. i wore a t's and a sweater from UNIQLO and when we decided to take a little ride around town, i wasnt prepared for that. an idea popped up in head, i wore my sweater as a scarve to give a little edge to my look. i think i was pretty nice as how it turned out. you all can try it by half wear your sweater. i mean, just wear your sweater or t's normally start from your neck. then dont put on the sleeve and try to hide it here and there. very simple ! :)
here is a closer pict to the sweater-scarve

oh yeah, today was one of my bestfriend's birthday. we got him a cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY :) <3

okay, i think thats it what i want to share. hope you guys enjoy it :)


  1. Thanks to hype me on Lookbook!! I really like your blog!! :)

  2. you have a cool blog. seriously. love it

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