Wednesday, June 15, 2011

behind the look #3

as usual, i "report" about the look that i posted on and here is my latest look. it was unprepared, so its a little rough and raw. if you guys have some critics, dont hesitate to comment. really, it would be really great for me. cz i am still learning in this whole matter :)

as of today, i didnt plan to take any look at all. i was just meeting a friend and turned out he brought a camera. so photos just taken without we even realizing it. i wont talk much, take a look :)

haha. i wore a t's and a sweater from UNIQLO and when we decided to take a little ride around town, i wasnt prepared for that. an idea popped up in head, i wore my sweater as a scarve to give a little edge to my look. i think i was pretty nice as how it turned out. you all can try it by half wear your sweater. i mean, just wear your sweater or t's normally start from your neck. then dont put on the sleeve and try to hide it here and there. very simple ! :)
here is a closer pict to the sweater-scarve

oh yeah, today was one of my bestfriend's birthday. we got him a cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY :) <3

okay, i think thats it what i want to share. hope you guys enjoy it :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

old new looks

this was so long ago. just found it and thought why not post it ? hope you guys like it ! :)

these photos are taken by my beatiful photographer friend WOGH VIOLETTOSKA :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


this was my very firs look on :)

these photos are actually from years ago. me and my highschool mates took it.
so i'm going to show you some more photos from the look. check it out !

one of the photos (according to my friends) looked like a vampire, so i did some photoshops and here's how it goes

some more photos

wait up for my next look, people !

Friday, June 3, 2011

shopping week

nothing, i repeat, nothing is expectable in life
just like how ended up spent almost all of  my saving (i'm totally broke atm) buying some fashion items
it was really fun tho
i just went out with some friends and accidently found attractive things such as,,,,

 this is what we call love in the first sight. i fell in love with this shirt the moment i saw glance of it. the color, the details, everything!

then i found these uniqlo collared shirts. at first i just saw the orange one and i knew that i was buying it before i saw the other color, blue. couldn't pick one of them, i bought 2 of them :)
just so you know, i bought some colors socks after. these days, i like combining the color of my socks with some other outfit that wear in the same time. here's my new pairs of socks followed by some looks that inspires me with this idea. they're from, i love it !

inspired by :

next thing is,

i know it may looked like a plain white t-shirt, but believe me, the material is awesome !
soon after, i was doubting about this,

but then i think about it, and i like how pink really attracted me. i was thinking that this color will definitely go with anything blue, specially bold dark blue. i got a scarf that just perfect for the color (the pict below the pink shirt), so i put this into my shopping bag. u may try the combination of the colors, i think it looks fresh and if u light skinned, it will totally sharpen the color of your skin.

i also bought some accecories. a bracelet and a necklace. well, i got the necklace made for me. so i told a jewelry artist what i want and voila ! loves it !!

the next day, i was just bored having nothing to do (got some uni days off), so me and my friend had a gallery trip, then i found this leather camel-ish colored pair of shoes. bought them !

 now here is where i turn to be real broke,

next day, i was accopanying my cousin to a mall and there, i saw this lime colored pair of shoes. bought them (again) with my last money.

so yeah, i may have a little money control issue, but i was really happy this week.

i have shown you what's in my shopping bag this week. hopefully i will post some looks next time. 
have a nice weekend people :)